No. 2 – Barbados: My mother’s birthplace

Only a few days left before I stop being a fun-loving 20-something year old and start a new decade in my life. It will also mark the end of my travel goal. Here’s a quick recap of the countries I visited in my pursuit to visit 30 countries by my 30th birthday.

Country #2 Barbados – My Mother’s Birthplace

View of the unspoiled beaches of Bathsheba

Fondest Memories

Skipping rope on old plantations,overlooking vast cane fields *** Hanging out at an Oistins Fish Fry (with Banks beer) *** Looking for seashells along Brighton beach ***Driving around the entire island in one single day *** Admiring the beauty of Bathsheba, the island’s most northern point ***  Learning about the difference of stalagmites and stalactites at Harrison’s Cave *** Visiting St. John’s parish and seeing the grave of its standing soldier *** Eating fish cutters (and sometimes tasting rum punch) for breakfast *** Taking my first Atlantis submarine ride.

When to go

Year round, but try to get there for the Crop Over festivities in August: you’ll love the colours, costumers, music, merriness… and good looking people! August is extremely hot, so do keep that in mind. January to May is Barbados’ dry season.

Why you should go

Because Barbados is just beautiful. From the colourful houses, to the friendly people, an interesting history and a good plan for the future, Barbados is one of the Caribbean’s brightest gems.

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