Social Works

In pursuit of 30 by 30, I have learned about sustainable livelihood initiatives, which in turn is shaping my career. There are some amazing NGOs (non-governmental organization), CBOs (community based organizations), IOs (international organizations) and government agencies out there working towards poverty eradication, biodiversity conservation and other worthy causes.

The Human Knot

Those whom I have personally worked for are:

The Montreal Diet Dispensary: Providing nutrition and other counselling to pregnant women in need.

Project Chance: Providing subsidized housing for single student mothers.

Oxfam Quebec: Implementing sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice.

Enda Maghreb: Working together for human development that is respectful to the environment.

La Cooperative Nakasha: A women’s group in Morocco creating traditional weaving for recycled materials.

People Resources and Conservation Foundation (PRCF): Promoting conservation, protection, and wise use of natural resources with sound social and economic development.

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