Supreme sugar-shacking: PDC

Sugar shacking is an important part of Quebec culture. So a sugar shack hosted by Quebec’s award winning chef Martin Picard is undoubtedly pure magic. Reservations are made by e-mail only, 4 months in advance. Rumour has it that the seats sell out within the first hour. Having had the privilege of attending the first sugar shack of the season, I present to you the inside scoop (menu and photos) of this legendary epicurean affair. Continue Reading →

I get around: ten non-traditional means of transportation

Getting from one place to another always proves to be an interesting and important part of the travel experience. So why not mix it up a little? This week we explore some memorable modes of transportation: planes, trains and automobiles have been excused from the list. (But parachutes, jungle trams and motorbikes made it). Continue Reading →

Temples of the Yucutan

Twice have I been to Mexico, and twice have I taken a day away from the beautiful beaches that line the Caribbean Sea to visit the temples of the Mayans: Tulum and Chichen Itza. A day away from the white sand is filled with the magic, mystery and the obsession with the apocalypse of ancient civilizations. Continue Reading →