Supreme sugar-shacking: PDC

Sugar shacking is an important part of Quebec culture. So a sugar shack hosted by Quebec’s award winning chef Martin Picard is undoubtedly pure magic. Reservations are made by e-mail only, 4 months in advance. Rumour has it that the seats sell out within the first hour. Having had the privilege of attending the first sugar shack of the season, I present to you the inside scoop (menu and photos) of this legendary epicurean affair. Continue Reading →

30 by 30 Wrap-up – No. 1 – Canada

This is it! In just under a month, I will stop being a fun-loving 20-something year old and start a new decade in my life. It will also mark the end of my travel goal. Here’s a quick recap of the countries I visited in my pursuit to visit 30 countries by my 30th birthday. COUNTRY No. 1 – CANADA. Learn why you should go to my home and native land. Continue Reading →

British Columbia – “The Best Place on Earth”

Since the West Coast of America, San Francisco to be exact, lived up to my expectations, I was sure the Canadian side of the border would do the same. And it did! A true Montrealer, I don’t think that I could ever relocate to Vancouver, but a visit was just the vacation I needed. Discover why British Colombia refers to itself as “the best place on earth”. Continue Reading →