No. 8 – Switzerland: More than treats and trinkets

I wasn’t expecting much from Switzerland. In my mind it was the land of provenance of popular treats and trinkets (chocolates, expensive watches and pocket knives). I was happy to learn that Switzerland was populated by extremely good looking, tall and lean, warm and friendly individuals. The mix of languages from one side of the country to the next is baffling, their position of neutrality questionable, but the well organized nation that is Switzerland seems to have everything figured out. Continue Reading →

No. 7 – France: O Nuit d’Amour

All the great and romantic things you have heard about Paris are true; and how fortunate of me to be in such a city while still young and pretty. It’s a shame, however, that even back then I wasn’t charming. Sweet Paris (pronounced pa-ree in French), thankfully, is charming enough for the both of us. Continue Reading →

No. 6 – England: Gateway to Europe

When I was in college, a Professor of mine recommended that I “go charm my way through Europe” and see what happened. So I figured, what better way to kick start my 20s than to embark on a “find-yourself” European adventure? ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS. This trip inspired me to set my 30 by 30 travel goal, and took me to eight countries on a whirlwind tour that I will never forget. What’s amazing about the UK, is how many diverse cultures make up a truly unique “British” culture. Visit London and explore the world! Continue Reading →