“Single Sally’s” Tips for Surviving Paris

Ten years ago, staring up at the illuminated Eiffel Tower at nightfall, I made a vow: Never to return to Paris without a boyfriend, husband or something in between. But I discovered something important this year, having revisited the city of love as a woman, and not an impressionable girl: You really CAN survive Paris single. Here are some activities to help you through it.
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No. 7 – France: O Nuit d’Amour

All the great and romantic things you have heard about Paris are true; and how fortunate of me to be in such a city while still young and pretty. It’s a shame, however, that even back then I wasn’t charming. Sweet Paris (pronounced pa-ree in French), thankfully, is charming enough for the both of us. Continue Reading →

May Day in Paris

I am really unsure how an internationally recognized, organized tour company like Contiki could not figure out a way of not spending the only day in Paris on May 1st. Continue Reading →