Verona, Piza, and let’s throw in Pompeii too!

After a long hiatus, I return to my travel blog with dreams of Italy. I need to go back to Europe.

This time of year always makes me think of Europe since it was around this time, 10 years ago, that I first went “backpacking” from England to Greece visiting 9 countries in between. But of all those countries, I can’t stop thinking about Italy. Learn why! Continue Reading →

Walkabout Rome

Rome was everything that I expected it to be, except for the smell of dog and horse poop, and the noise.
Everything that “they” warn you about is true: the men will try to seduce you; pickpockets abound; and you’re going to eat your own weight in food: mostly gelati and some mega carbs.
That being said, you had better walk it off! Rome is really easy to navigate on foot. I’m serious! Check out all the things you can see while working on your love-handles. Continue Reading →

Vatican City: an entire country in Rome

Did you know visiting the Italian capital allows you to visit two countries at the same time? But if you want to see anything in the “Holy See” (or Vatican City, an entirely independent country in the heart of Rome), you had better get there early! What’s the deal with Vatican City anyways?
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