The HANGRY Games: obvious travel tips for the dysfunctional hypoglycemic

I’ve suffered from ‘hanger’ (the anger caused by hunger) for so long that I believed that I had invented the term. I can always feel it creeping in. It’s been 3-4 hours since I’ve last had a snack, and my energy is running dangerously low. The bad is about to happen… As a self-proclaimed expert on the subject, I offer the following five tips to the Hangry Traveler. Continue Reading →

Hire a Girl Who Travels

Translating your international experience into a meaningful representation of your qualifications takes great thought and reflection. When put on the spot, you risk coming across as a flighty adventurer, which employers at home may not buy into. Here’s an example of how I would like to pitch my skills in an interview,. Hopefully this allows you to see your own skills in a more salable way. Head hunters, human resources managers and CEOs, this one’s also for you. Continue Reading →