No. 6 – England: Gateway to Europe

When I was in college, a Professor of mine recommended that I “go charm my way through Europe” and see what happened. So I figured, what better way to kick start my 20s than to embark on a “find-yourself” European adventure? ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS. This trip inspired me to set my 30 by 30 travel goal, and took me to eight countries on a whirlwind tour that I will never forget. Ever.

Country #6 England – Gateway to Europe


Fondest Memories

Hesitating before crossing the street… and forgetting to “look the other way” each time *** Having my first, homemade English Breakfast… those sauteed mushrooms were the BEST *** Shopping at Primark *** Eating Indian food in Southall *** Finishing my tour of Westminster Abbey (that place really gives me the creeps) *** Taking photos from the London Eye *** Learning about the history at Tower Bridge and the Tower of London  *** Piccadilly Circus *** Hearing Big Ben’s bells chime *** Spending an entire day at the fantastic Museum of London.

When to go

Being a Montrealer, I can’t really find England’s winters cold. But what I find mild, I’m sure others would like to avoid. It is always wet though, and the constant grey skies can really play on one’s mood. I personally recommend spring time, or summer. Your chances of catching sunny, blue skies are at their highest then.

Why you should go

If you can deal with the harsh exchange rate against the British Pound,  go check it out. The monarchy alone makes a trip to London interesting. Maybe you’ll run into one of the Princes! What’s also amazing about the UK, is how many diverse cultures make up a truly unique “British” culture. Don’t have the means to travel the world? You can share in some fantastic, authentic cultural experiences (and eat some AMAZING food) right in downtown London. Greek today, Persian tomorrow, South African the day after that.

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