Phnom Penh: Happy Herbs Pizza

Excited by the fact that I would make new friends fast, I was excited to check myself into my new hostel. When I had arrived, it was about 2pm, and no one was in sight. No need to panic, they must all be out sight seeing. I went out for lunch and came back around 5pm.

Still no one.

I decided to go up to my room and rest a little  This way I could listen out for activity below and then slip into the common room to begin making friends. I was awoken from my nap by music and glasses clanging. Woo hoo! I got ready and rushed downstairs. Now the fun begins!

Still no one.

The noise was from a bar across the street that was largely occupied by men only.  I decided to use the Internet instead.

By 8pm I was bored and decided to go around the town alone (I know people say its dangerous to go around Phnom Pehn alone at night…). I hopped on a tuk tuk and went to the main: Sisowath Quay.

En route, I actually recognized someone! It was a man who Ding and I met at our hostel the last night in Siem Reap. I tried to get the tuk tuk to pull over, but with no success.

I arrive at the main and settle in at the Mexican restaurant next to Happy Herbs Pizza. I figured it would be like dinner and a show since I would get to watch the tourists get baked while I enjoyed a burrito. Half-way through my meal, re-enter man from Siem Reap, an American living in Korea, on vacation in Cambodia. He asks to pull up a chair and explains that he was actually looking out for me.

You see, in Siem Reap, he had asked to look at the map in my Lonely Planet. Of all the amazing, interesting and historic things to see in Phnom Pehn, I had only circled (in red ink with an arrow pointing to the location) Happy Herbs Pizza. He thought it was hilarious and made a mental note.

Note: I had only circled it since I wanted to film Ding getting high. (As the name implies, Happy Herbs Pizza sprinkles more than basil on their pies.) Since we missed our flight to Phnom Pehn, we never got a chance to go.

Anyways, the Mid-Westerner thought he would try his luck and see if I was there.

And there I was.

We chatted a bit about our lives: my work in Indonesia and his life in Korea (his wife, sadly, had to bail on the trip at the last minute) then went our separate ways. He only had one full day in Phnom Pehn and wanted to see as much as possible. I had also told him about Spider Man and the tarantula treats. He decided to add a tarantula search to his day’s itinerary.

Hopefully this has broken my bad luck in finding friends! Fingers crossed.

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One thought on “Phnom Penh: Happy Herbs Pizza

  1. Daniel

    This travel log made me laugh, April 8 2009 was my last night in Phnom Penh and I decided to finish it with a trip to Happy Herb Pizza.

    If you saw a large Aussie guy in a loud shirt scoffing down an extra happy pizza, it was me :)

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