To See

SITE: Abu Simbel

VISITED: January, 2007

LOCATION: Abu Simbel, Egypt

DESCRIPTION: The most impressive mausoleum ever made. Built by Ramses II the entire site had to be moved to avoid flooding. Job well done UNESCO. Now all four statues of this famed Pharaoh sit peacefully watching Lake Nasr. Well three of them, since one is missing a face.

SITE: Alcatraz

VISITED: November 2007

LOCATION: San Francisco, California, USA

DESCRIPTION: The audio tour is well worth it, with its explanation of its famous inmates (like Al Capone). Apparently the night tour is a little creepy, adding to the overall experience. Native Americans who refused to give their children up were also imprisoned here. Fair? No.

SITE: Angkor Wat

VISITED: December 2008

LOCATION: Siem Reap, Cambodia

DESCRIPTION: As it is the the most famous site of the temples of Angkor, I have included it’s picture, but truly Bayon at Angkor Tom blew my mind. Ta Prohm, where Tomb Raider was filmed, was also a must see.

SITE: Batu Caves

VISITED: December 2008

LOCATION: (near) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

DESCRIPTION: Just a short (and cheap!) bus ride from China town in downtown Kuala Lumpur is this impressive Hindu site. You have to climb 272 stairs under an unrelenting 30 degree sun to get to it though. The tallest statue of Murugan greets you pre-climb.

SITE: Berlin Wall

VISITED: October 2005

LOCATION: Berlin, Germany

DESCRIPTION: A step back in time to a not so distant past. Today we can stand straddling both sides of the wall (former East and West Germany) a luxury that people would have formerly lost their lives for.

SITE: Big Ben

VISITED: April 2002

LOCATION: London, England

DESCRIPTION: I know this picture is gloomy, but London rains a lot and I took it from the London Eye. I purposefully am not going to give the London Eye its own entry because it is boring.

SITE: Borobudur

VISITED: August 2008

LOCATION: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

DESCRIPTION: This giant Buddhist temple offers it five levels to anyone who wishes to reach Nirvana. Follow Buddha’s path to enlightenment along the way and the make a wish and touch his foot close to the top.

SITE: Coliseum

VISITED: May 2002

LOCATION: Rome, Italy

DESCRIPTION: I almost cried when I saw it. It’s crazy to read about something for years and then finally see it. I spent a long time just peering into the Gladiators entrance gate. An incredible site full of history.

Corinth CanalSITE: Corinth Canal

VISITED: May 2002

LOCATION: Corinth, Greece

DESCRIPTION: Although I’m sure this would not make anyone else’s “to see” list. Although thought of in the 7th century B.C, and attempted by Nero himself, the canal was only successfully in the 1890s.

SITE: Eiffel Tower

VISITED: April 2002

LOCATION: Paris, France

DESCRIPTION: Can you see me in this pic? DARKNESS? This was clearly taken on a regular 35mm camera, and was then scanned, and saved somewhere on the internet before it made this blog page.

SITE: Golden Gate Bridge

VISITED: November 2007

LOCATION: San Francisco, California, USA

DESCRIPTION: I have no idea why it made my list…but as main tourist representative to the fantastic city of San Francisco, I just had to include it. Although I didn’t try it, many people walk and bike across it. I chose to speedboat under it instead.

SITE: La Grande Mosquee

VISITED: October 2006

LOCATION: Casablanca, Morocco

DESCRIPTION: Mosque with the second highest minaret in the world. I couldn’t even fit it into this picture. The site, if I may say, reflect sunlight similarly to St. Peter’s Basilica, giving the site an unearthly brilliance.

SITE: Leaning Tower

VISITED: May 2002

LOCATION: Pisa, Italy

DESCRIPTION: Possibly the only thing to see in Pisa, it still is worth the trip. This is another scanned 35mm photo… sorry! I have to say that I found Pisa charming, even in the rain. I could have sat in a cafe all day and people watched.

SITE: Lion Monument

VISITED: April 2002

LOCATION: Lucerne,  Switzerland

DESCRIPTION: In memory of the Swiss Guards who died protecting Marie-Antoinette, this peaceful site is a great place to practice taking pictures.

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2 thoughts on “To See

  1. Michaela

    Absolutely hated Batu Caves. Never seen so much garbage in my life as going up the steps and, at the top, nothing but yet more filth. Too bad as KL is an amazing (and clean) city but Batu Caves….you can keep them :)

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