Into the dragon’s den: Murnau-am-Staffelsee

If you are looking for a place to truly get away from it all, then Bavaria is calling! Murnau, a renowned wellness center 1.5 hours south of Munich, offers the Bavarian Alps as a backdrop, a maze of nature walk paths, fresh springs with healing attributes… and a former dragon lair. See what else brings tourists from all corners of Europe to this little town on the Staffelsee Lake. Continue Reading →

“Single Sally’s” Tips for Surviving Paris

Ten years ago, staring up at the illuminated Eiffel Tower at nightfall, I made a vow: Never to return to Paris without a boyfriend, husband or something in between. But I discovered something important this year, having revisited the city of love as a woman, and not an impressionable girl: You really CAN survive Paris single. Here are some activities to help you through it.
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SNACK ATTACK! 4 things that will make you fat in Brussels

Only a town that is so perpetually gray could offer such great snacks. How else are people to cheer themselves up here? To make up for its gloomy disposition, the “Brusselois” have come up with some fantastic ideas: snacks in cones, snacks in trucks, snacks available all over the city. Gaining weight in Brussels is very easy to do, and here are 4 suggestions that will make that even easier for you. Continue Reading →