“Feel Good” Travel

With 2010 now behind us, we have five years left to meet the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals to end extreme poverty. In 2000, when the goals were set, 50% of the world’s population lived on only $1/day. A decade later, these people are surviving on $1.25.

I called on the help of a few great travel writers, involved with Lonely Planet’s Blogsherpa program, to share some of their experiences with volunteering overseas and to hopefully inspire you to do the same. It’s not too late to add another new year’s resolution to the list! Continue Reading →

Regrettable trips – Putussibau

“It’s probably an allergy to MSG, stop eating instant noodles all the time”. This is what I was told after two weeks of feeling really under the weather: high fever running for days, stomach flu, aches and pains, delirium! It wasn’t until the rash broke out on my face and hands that I thought maybe I should seek medical attention. Did Dengue fever ruin my memories of a trip to the Danau Sentarum National Park: a beautiful reserve with its wildlife intact and its breath taking, pristine lake? You’d be surprised. Continue Reading →