No. 4 – USA: Home of the brave

So… I turned 30 and the world didn’t end! Who would have thought? I am happy to say that I was able to complete my travel goal, and am making my way through a quick recap of the countries I visited by my 30th birthday.

Country #4 United States of America – Home of the brave

A boat sails under the Golden Gate Bridge

Fondest Memories

Going to Disneyworld, Florida !!! truly the happiest place on earth *** Making frequent street food stops in NYC *** Driving a huge pick-up truck to Red Rock, Colorado *** Taking photos at the Hollywood sign *** Eating “doubles” on Jamaica Avenue, NYC *** Battling Los Angeles 5-lane highways *** Exploring Louisville, Kentucky on foot *** Witnessing marine wonders at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, California *** Having a nice, quiet dinner in Carmel, California *** Having my aura read in Salem, Massachusetts ***Checking out Alcatraz and its awesome audio tour.

When to go

USA is a HUGE country, so there isn’t a particular time of year that you couldn’t go. There is so much happening, all over the country, all the time. To see true American nationalism, make a trip around the 4th of July: good bbqs and fireworks! If you are able to visit family in the land of opportunity, try to plan a visit around Thanksgiving in November.

Why you should go

Just to experience the difference sub-cultures USA has to offer. The “melting pot”, as it is known, is different from east to west coast, from north to south. Oh! and soul food… make a trip just to get you some grits!

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  1. Leigh

    The United States offers loads of diversity for exploring. From the east coast in Florida, where you can enjoy great weather all year round, renowned golf complexes or the famous theme parks. A trip up north is perfect for an action packed skiing and snowboarding holiday in the Rocky Mountains. HEad west to California where the Golden Gate Bridge, Death Valley, Hollywood and bright lights of Vegas await. has a range of luxury villas across America … perfect for relaxing with loved ones.

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